⟨logs author="Paul Glinker, Glinkie Games Inc."⟩
⟨log date="November 14, 2020"⟩
Version 1.1.0 is ready!

This is the version that I will release on Steam. You can still enjoy this version until December 7th. If it's not released on Steam by then, I'll release another version here so you can get your fix.
I'm very happy to be at this stage, and I really want to thank those of you who have been sending feedback to help me to shape the game in these final stages.

  • All of the powerups have the right SFX now.
  • Increased the in-game size of the GUM, to make it easier to see.
Please let me know if you find any issues.

⟨log date="November 2, 2020"⟩
Version 1.0.7 is ready!

  • 8 pickups/powerups in total now (see in-game instructions for details).
  • Added a B.F.B. (Big Bomb, instant death to 2/3 of the screen) to the gamepad top face button ('B' on the keyboard).
  • Functionally and visually complete.
  • Instructions and controller mapping diagrams fully updated.
  • Credits updated. Please let me know if I've missed you. I'm only human (but I'm working on that).
  • Just missing the voice-over and SFX for 6 of the powerups.
Please let me know if you find any issues.

⟨log date="November 8, 2020"⟩
The original beta ended today! but... I'm extending it for 1 more week =)
Hang tight. I will have a new version uploaded later today. It will be very very close to the gold-master (final release) version (if not final).

⟨log date="November 2, 2020"⟩
Version 1.0.6 is ready!

  • NEW POWERUP! Gum: when picked up, sticks all the bad-guys in-place.
  • Mac-version has v-sync turned back on but starts in windowed mode.
Still more tweaks and polish coming (and one more powerup). Stay tuned!

⟨log date="October 31, 2020"⟩
Version 1.0.5 is ready =)

  • more rebalancing of powerup distribution
  • fixed bug where getting additional powerups while rampaging could shorten your shield life
  • fixed the windows installer. Start-menu shortcut should be generated properly now. Uninstaller removes desktop icon now.
  • Mac-version has v-sync turned off as an experiment.
Still more tweaks and polish coming (and two more powerups). Stay tuned!

⟨log date="October 29, 2020"⟩
There's another new version of Starship Turd Nugget =)

  • rebalanced distribution of powerup types
  • score multiplier powerup is larger now. easier to see.
  • music tweaked to remove the hitch at the point where it loops. now truely seamless.
  • added short-circuit from leaderboard right into a new game. saves visiting main menu and story every time.
Still more tweaks and polish coming. Stay tuned!

⟨log date="October 28, 2020"⟩
Application approved. Glinkie Games is now an official Steamworx partner! Which means I can publish things on Steam :-)

Also, there's a new version of Starship Turd Nugget to try =)

  • all powerups give you at least 3 seconds of shield
  • added reverse-thrust! hold either bumber for reverse thrust, or the S key, or down arrow.
  • new powerup added: prune-juice. Gives you multi-stream fire for 10 seconds
  • Credits updated! Special Thanks section has names! It's alphabetical by first-name/last-name.
What's missing:
  • custom sfx for medkit and for milti-fire powerups.
  • HUD element for the multi-fire.
  • mention in the instructions for multi-fire.
  • mention in the instructions for the reverse thrust
I think the powerup balance may be a bit off at the moment, making it a bit too easy to rack up massive scores, and also making the multiplier a bit too rare. Let me know what you think.

⟨log date="October 18, 2020"⟩
New version =)
  • maximum time interval between powerups is now 15 seconds. min is 1 second... but it's random :-)
  • new powerup added: medkit. Gives you +1 lives, 10000 points, and 3 seconds of shield
Download the new version and give it a go. Hopefully the powerups aren't too frequent now. Let me know what you think.

⟨log date="October 15, 2020"⟩
Keep that feedback coming everyone :-) Anything that pops into your head, I want to hear it. Brutal honesty is best.
I got some good feedback from a legit Neo Geo programmer yesterday, and here are his suggestions ...
  • the current randomness of powerups can leave you with almost no powerups in one game, and a huge abundance of them in the next. more powerups == more enjoyable!
    • I'm going to improve the system to ensure that you get a *minimum* of 1 powerup spawn every 20~30 seconds.
  • would be cool to have a 1-up pickup
    • Agreed .. will add this.
  • a short-circuit option to go from the leaderboard straight into a new game, so you're not slogging your way through the main menu and the intro every time you want to play again.
    • Squeezing in more games, and wasting less time... yes, I like it. Will add this.
Thanks again to those of you sending feedback, and btw anyone who sends feedback will be put into the credits (unless you would prefer not to be. just let me know).

⟨log date="October 14, 2020"⟩
Here's a new version! Based on feedback I've added the left trigger as an alternate thruster input.
I'll also be exploring a new powerup (chewing gum) that slows or stops all enemies on screen. This was suggested by
the same super 1337 gamer who requested the alternate thruster input. I'll let you know how it goes :-)
Note: Windows will give you an ominous warning when you try to run the installer. You can safely ignore that in this case.

⟨log date="October 11, 2020"⟩
The game is finally complete! I am now going through the process of getting setup on Steam.
In the mean time, you can play it for free until November 8 :-) Instructions for sending feedback are in the main menu.
Note: Windows will give you an ominous warning when you try to run the installer. You can safely ignore that in this case.

⟨log date="September 22, 2020"⟩
The Game Over song is complete! Now it's down to the finishing touches. At this point only the instructions section of the UI is left to complete.

⟨log date="September 13, 2020"⟩
I keep forgetting to actually upload my logs XD ... well, here's some more news ...
The "Game Over" song is coming along nicely. The vocals have been recorded and edited for beat matching. Now just have to get the instruments in there. I'm aiming for somber epic symphony orchestral, but you never know how these things will evolve as you go along :-) It might end up as a techno-orchestral fusion mashup =) We'll see.

⟨log date="September 5, 2020"⟩
The game's main song is complete! It's called "One Way Out". It's a high energy song that I think people are goingto like. I also made a slightly more subdued version of this song called "Anticipation" for the main menu. Now starting on the final track for this game, called "Game Over". This one has vocals and will feature some seriously angelic voices =)

⟨log date="August 31, 2020"⟩
Time to replace the place-holder music with something original! I'm creating all the music myself with Logic Pro X, Audacity, Komplete Kontrol MK88, some real guitars, a ukelelle (tenor, Fender Montecito), and a clarinet :-)

⟨log date="August 23, 2020"⟩
Firmed up the leaderboard functionality. Seems pretty solid. Local scores are resettable by the player. New Leaderboard ID can be created by the user (should only be necessary if the user is banned, or the leaderboard service is hacked).
The global service itself is live, and running over https only.

⟨log date="August 18, 2020"⟩
Console-style nav prompts for all the UI navigation scenarios. They dynamically adapt based on the type of controller you are using (XB, PS4, Stadia, Numbus, keyboard), to show the correct button graphics. Also rumble doesn't fire if you're not actually playing with the gamepad (e.g. if a gamepad is pluged in but you're using the keyboard to play). Nothing startles me more than having the gamepad rattle accross my desk when I'm not expecting it XD


⟨log date="August 11, 2020"⟩
Lots of polish on the navigation has been completed. The powerups are tweaked and finalized (hud too!).

Paul Glinker
Glinkie Games Inc.

⟨log date="July 28, 2020"⟩
I've got explicit support for the following controllers implemented: SteelSeries:Numbus, XBox One (wireless), XBox360 (wired), Stadia (via usb), PS4 (via usb).
The best experience on Windows is any kind of XBox controller, and yes you get some sweet haptic feedback with those ones. The best experience on Mac is the Nimbus.


⟨log date="July 15, 2020"⟩
I'm working hard to wrap up the first release of a sick retro-style spin and thrust space shooter.
I'm aiming to release the game on Windows, MaxOSX, Linux (Ubuntu), and AppleTV (not necessarily in that order). There is one global online leaderboard for all platforms, so be prepared to represent your favourite platform in the fight for operating system dominance :-)

Good things are coming. Stay tuned!

Paul Glinker
Glinkie Games Inc.